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Troubleshooting Roofing Leaks

Many people refer to a leak as being a roofing issue.  Its a fact that 93% of all leaks are caused by improper installation of metal work or non-existence of any sheet metal at all. 


Troubleshooting roofing leaks is a specialty of ours!  While others make the mistakes,  Illinois Custom Copper is there to repair them.  Most companies repair these roofing leak problems with a tube of caulk or a bucket of roof tar, subsequently leading back to a roof leak.  Ultimately your back to repairing the interior of your home or building again, costing you more money. With Illinois Custom Copper we find the problem, we determine what is neccessary to repair it, discuss the problem and cost with the owner and repair the problem so that there is no future damage ever again. It may cost a few bucks more but the invesment is well worth the relief of more headaches and repairs.



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