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Illinois Custom Copper is family owned.  Illinois Custom Copper has 29 years of trained professional tradesmanship.  Illinois Custom Copper has been servicing to a variety of Roofing Contractors, General Building Contractors, Architects, Property Managers & Homeowners.  Illinois Custom Copper started the installation business of copper and sheet metal fabrication, to offer other companies our superior field services.  Having the capabilities to do the field work & fabrication of our own jobs, provides you with a better quality product and a better understanding of our finished product.  Illinois Custom Copper partners up with our customers and we work as a team to customize,  and also to explain the project's needs.


Illinois Custom Copper takes pride in keeping the water on the outside.  Our plan is to keep the water out forever, NOT when the warranty is up. Understanding the way water flows is a head start in beating the leak.  Illinois Custom Copper takes a great concern on water leakage, making it one of our top priorities.

Illinois Custom Copper will give a competitive price, with one of the highest professional skills in the field.  We build our reputation on being a high quality & experienced company with satisfying rates.

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